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1 Introduction

The Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS) is a suite of tools for embedding (automated) testing into your application life cycle. These tools are built by CLEVR in Mendix on top of Selenium.

ATS provides a powerful solution for automation of not only your functional and regression tests, but also non-functional tests like availability, security, and performance testing. Furthermore, with functions like test case recording and data-driven testing, it provides you with everything you need to make testing your Mendix apps quick, easy, and versatile.

A small investment in setting up ATS, which is very easy to learn, will save you a lot of (re)testing time in the long run. This will help your team and its stakeholders to have the right insights into the quality off your apps at any time and at the press of a button.

2 Main Documents in This Category

  • ATS Overview – presents details on compatibility, deployment options, and maintenance
  • ATS Reference Guides – provides reference content on ATS Helper, data-driven testing, and other topics
  • ATS How-to’s – describes how to get started with ATS, create a test case, and mask your password, among other topics
  • ATS Best Practices – presents best practices on test case dependencies and appropriate actions