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1 Introduction

On the configuration page under the Project tab you can see the current project settings. You can change the settings and add users or libraries to your project by clicking the Edit Project Settings button.

Configuration Page Project

2 Configure the Selenium Hubs

On the Selenium tab, you can see a list of the Selenium hubs that are configured for this project. Project users can run tests on the listed hubs:

Configuration Selenium Tab

To add a new Selenium hub, click the New in the top bar:

Edit Selenium hub dialog

In the Selenium hub dialog box, you can set the following parameters:

Field Description
Name The name of the Selenium hub.
URL The URL of the Selenium server.
Parallel Sessions The number of tests that can run in parallel on the Selenium hub.
Proxy URL The URL of an optional proxy server. Normally there should be no need to use a proxy server
Custom Capabilities Set the Selenium DesiredCapabilities (for more information, see the Selenium documentation).

3 Configure Test Applications

On the Applications tab, you can see a list of test applications that are configured for the current project:

Configuration Applications tab

You can edit, create, and delete applications by pressing the buttons in the top bar:

New Application Dialog

When creating a new application, you can set the following parameters:

Field Description
Name The name of the application.
URL The URL under which the Mendix application to test is running.
Details The description of the application.
Mendix Version The Mendix version of the application.
Use Proxy Check if a proxy should be used (should be off in most cases).