Find Element by CSS

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1 Description

Find a web element by CSS. Occurence lets you specify which element to fetch from the result-list, starting at 1 for the first element (defaults to the first element).

2 Usage

Provide the CSS selector which matches the elements you want to find. This action will find all matching elements from the DOM and save them as a result-list. If you want, to get another element instead of the first element of the result-list, provide an index as input for the Occurence.
Optionally restrict the search to a specified SearchContext element.

3 Input Parameters

Name Datatype Required Description
CSS Selector String yes CSS selector which matches the elements you want to find
Search Context WebElement no Limit the search to the given WebElement
Occurence Integer no Index of the result-list value you want to get (defaults to the first element)

4 Return Value

Name Datatype Description
Element WebElement The wanted WebElement