Manual Test Steps

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Manual test steps are the process to search and select required actions to manually create a test case in ATS. In this way the test case will be created by selecting the actions manually.

When you create a new test case it is empty and has no test steps assigned.

Buttons on the Test Case Window

Buttons on the Test Case Window

To add a new test step follow these steps:

  • Click the Add button to open the Test Step Setup form.
  • Under 1) Describe Test Step you can enter a description of what you are doing in the test step.
  • Under 2) Search Action you can search for an existing action in the repository. A list of all available standard actions can be found in the next section. All of your custom created actions will also be listed here for easy reusability.
  • After entering a search term, a list of found actions will show and you can see name and description of the actions
  • Click an action to select it and click the Save button to add a new test step that uses the action.

You can now select the created test step and edit its parameters under the Test Step Settings to the right.

On the test step settings you can configure the following:

Change Action

Change the action that is executed in this step

Open Action

Open the action, to show the test steps it consists of

Take screenshot on this step

Check checkbox to always take a screenshot of the application on this step

Call Type

Change call type to Setup, Regular, or Teardown

Set Input Values

Set Input Values for parameters used in the action

Set Precondition

Check Precondition if you want to set a condition for executing this test step