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The recorder is a function/plugin within ATS which will record the actions behind your test steps during manually testing an application. After saving your recorded actions they are directly added to your active test case.

To install the Chrome ATS Recorder plugin click the Show info button in the top right corner of the ATS and follow the ATS Recorder link to the Chrome webstore to add the plugin to your browser.

With the ATS Recorder plugin installed, you can start a recording session at anytime by clicking the Record button while inside a test case in the ATS. You can now open the Mendix application you want to test in another tab of the browser and start testing the application manually. All test steps you take, will be recorded by the recorder and can be saved in the chosen test case.

Open recording session with 4 recorded test steps

Some recorded test steps offer you multiple actions to choose from, for example when setting the value of a text box. Here you can either have an action to change the value of the text box or choose to assert the value of the text box. To change the selected action click the recorded test step under Recorded Events. On the right side, if multiple actions are proposed, select the action you want to execute by clicking the Select button.