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Scheduling allows to plan the execution of test cases and test suites at defined dates. You can add test cases and test suites by clicking the respective button.

Scheduler page

Select a test case or test suite from the search dialog, provide a schedule date and time as well as a valid run configuration and application under test and click Save to add the item to the list of scheduled items. If the test case or test suite execution shall take place repeatedly, you can provide an interval after which the repeating will take place. The item will then repeatedly be executed until you mark it as inactive or until you remove the interval settings.

New schedule dialog

Scheduled Test Settings:


Activate/Deactivate the event


Set event to repeat after a set time


Set time when event is first executed


Set the intervall for the event to repeat


Set the application on which the test is run

Selenium Hub

Set the Selenium hub on which the test is executed


Set the browser in which the test is run

Enable Screenshots

Enable the taking of screenshots during the test run

Action Log Depth

Set depth of the error logging