Supported Widgets

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1 Introduction

The following table shows an overview of all the supported widgets in ATS.

2 Standard Widgets

We support all the widgets that are included in Mendix Studio Pro:

Name Supported in Execution Supported in Recording
Authentication Yes Yes
Button Yes Yes
CheckBox Yes Yes
Confirmation Dialog Yes Yes
DataGrid Yes Yes
DatePicker Yes Yes
DialogMessage Yes Yes
DropDown Yes Yes
FileManager Yes Yes
GroupBox Yes Yes
Input Reference Set Selector Yes Yes
Label Yes Yes
ListView Yes Yes
MenuBar Yes Yes
NavigationTree Yes Yes
RadioButton Yes Yes
ReferenceSelector Yes Yes
TabContainer Yes Yes
SearchInput DropDown Yes Yes
SearchInput Text Yes Yes
StaticImage Yes Yes
TemplateGrid Yes Yes
TextArea Yes Yes
TextBox Yes Yes
Window Yes Yes

3 App Store Widgets

Besides the default widgets, ATS supports the most commonly used widgets from the Mendix App Store:

Name Supported in Execution Supported in Recording
BooleanSlider Yes Yes
BootStrapRTE Yes No
CheckboxSetSelector Yes Yes
CKEditor Yes No
DropdownDivConverter Yes Yes
GridSelector Yes Yes
InputReferenceSelector Yes No
OnChangeInputbox Yes Yes
Radiobutton List Yes Yes
SimpleCheckboxSetSelector Yes Yes
SimpleMenuBar Yes Yes