Data Hub APIs

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1 Introduction

The Data Hub APIs are OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) specifications with the following APIs available:

  • Search API — search and retrieve information on registered assets that can be used in your app development
  • Registration API — register and update data sources to the organization’s Mendix Data Hub
  • Transform API — for Mendix users deploying to a non-Mendix environment, generate the request bodies to register data sources published from your Mendix app

The Search API enables users to search and retrieve assets that are registered in Data Hub that satisfy the specified search criteria. For an example API call, see the Search via the API section of How to Search in the Data Hub Catalog.

3 Registration API

The Registration API can be used to register applications, environments, and services or data sources. See an example API call at Register an Application.

The API includes POST methods for registering new assets where a UUID is generated and returned for the asset in the response body. There are also PUT calls to update assets for existing UUIDs or create new applications and environments for new UUIDs.

4 Transform API

Mendix users who deploy to non-Mendix clouds can make use of the Transform API to generate the request body for the Registration API. The Transform API reconfigures information from the dependencies.json file into the correct fields. For an example API, see the Preparing Your Service Details Using the Transform API section of How to Register OData Resources in the Data Hub Catalog.