APM 2 Installation Guide

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1 Introduction

This is the installation guide for Mansystems APM 2.

Note the following:

  • Before using APM 2, create a database backup and have a backup deployment ready
  • APM 1 and 2 can be installed side-by-side (to uninstall the APM 1 module, see the APM 1 documentation.

2 Installation

To install APM 2, follow these steps:

  1. Arrange a license for the app to use APM.
  2. Log in to the APM Manager at https://apmmanager100.mendixcloud.com using your Mendix account.
  3. Select your app in the dashboard.
  4. In the environments dashboard, select the New Environment tile. If you are a SCRUM Master of the Mendix app project, you can add test, acceptance, and production environments. If you are not an admin, you can only add Modeler environments.
  5. Choose an environment name.
  6. Click Generate API key and use this key as the value for the APMAgent.APMAPIKey constant.
  7. Import the Mendix Application Performance Monitor module from the Mendix App Store.
  8. Add the USE_ME/AfterStartup microflow to your app’s After startup microflow.
  9. Copy the widget from CopyPasteAPMBrowserWidget to the layout(s) of your app. Please note that it will only be loaded once, regardless of how many times the user opens a page containing the widget.
  10. Verify that the APMAgent.APMManagerURL constant is set to https://apmmanager100.mendixcloud.com. Please note that after the beta release this constant will get a default value.
  11. Before testing in the Mendix Modeler, use the Clean deployment directory option.
  12. In Cloud v3, allow the request handler /apm.