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1 Apps Overview

The homepage of APM displays the list of licensed applications from the Mendix Developer Portal in alphabetical order.

It is possible to search on an app’s name or select one from the overview directly.

Selecting an app in the overview displays the overview of the environments for that app.

In order to find a specific application faster, it is possible to mark it as a favorite by clicking the star icon on the application tile. Favorite applications are shown first in the overview.

In case an application is not visible in this overview, click Can’t find your App? in the upper-right corner.

2 Tour Guides and Videos

APM has several tour guides and videos to help navigate through APM to perform certain tasks. These can be accessed by clicking the documentation icon next to your profile image and selecting the Tour option.

When starting a tour, a tool tip will appear throughout the APM application with instructions to follow.