IMAP/POP3 Incoming Email

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1 Introduction

The IMAP/POP3 Incoming Email module enables your app to retrieve emails from POP3, POP3S, IMAP, and IMAPS servers. In order for Mendix to act on incoming email, you can implement this module and model all the actions around it.

1.1 Typical Usage Scenario

  • Retrieve emails and act like an email client, which is the recommended approach when hosting your application in the Mendix Cloud

1.2 Features

  • Configuration of multiple accounts
  • Supported protocols:
    • POP3 and POP3S
    • IMAP and IMAPS
  • Actions to be performed after receiving emails:
    • Delete from server
    • Move to a folder (for example, an archive)
  • Subscribe to incoming email
    • Supports the IMAP and IMAPS protocol only
    • A microflow can be configured to execute for new incoming email
  • Unsubscribe from incoming email
    • Removes the subscription (if it exists)

2 Configuration

The basic setup and reception of emails can be done using the EmailAccount_Overview example page.

To invoke receiving emails from an account, call the RetrieveEmailMessages Java action.

To subscribe to incoming email from an account, call the SubscribeToIncomingEmail Java action.

To unsubscribe from incoming email from an account, call the UnsubscribeFormIncomingEmail Java action.

Set the EncryptionKey constant for email account passowrd encryption.