Contacts for Hybrid

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1 Introduction

The Contacts for Hybrid widget enables the native contacts functionality within your Mendix mobile application.

2 Configuration

To configure this widget, follow these steps:

  1. Place the widget in a data view where you want the button to be placed. Make sure this form is reachable from a mobile application.
  2. On the Button properties tab, enter the label text to be shown on the button for Label.
  3. On the same tab, optionally enter a class to be placed directly on the button DOM node for Class.
  4. On the Behavior tab, set the widget to Create contact or Retrieve contact for Contact type.
  5. On the Data source tab, set the attributes that are the mapping between your application and the mobile contact.
  6. On the Events tab, optionally add a microflow that will be triggered once a contact has been successfully added to the phone for Contact added success.