Prerequisites for How-To's

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1 Introduction

This document describes the prerequisites for the create-custom-action how-to’s. Each section gives a description of what is expected in that prerequisite.

2 Mendix Rapid App Developer

General knowledge of the Mendix platform is a must when creating custom actions. The HTML of a Mendix app is a direct representation of your app as you see it in the Modeler.

During the Mendix Introduction Course, you learn all the fundamentals of the Mendix platform, including how the different widgets work and how to adjust them. This is a great advantage when looking at a widget through the HTML.

3 Guidelines for Building a Custom Action

Guidelines for Building a Custom Action is a best practice document that describes the guidelines you must follow when building custom actions. These guidelines deliver the best results.

4 Google Chrome and Chrome DevTools Basics

The how-to’s make use of the Google Chrome web browser and the Chrome DevTools. You must have a basic understanding of the Chrome DevTools to get the full experience from each how-to.

When you use the Chrome browser, you can follow the how-to’s in detail. You may use other browsers and their DevTools, but those might not be compatible with the how-to.

Google provides how-to’s for learning more about the DevTools.

5 Understanding the HTML Structure

The how-to’s use the debugger to see the HTML of the page. An understanding of HTML helps a lot when creating custom actions. An understanding of the following points is sufficient:

  • HTML hierarchy
  • Basic structure (different types of elements, etc.)

For more information, see W3Cschools.

6 ATS Selectors

The how-to’s use jQuery selectors to find elements in the browser. Next to the standard jQuery selectors, ATS also uses pseudo-selectors. You can find these pseudo-selectors in the ATS Selector documentation.

For more information on selectors, see Helpful Resources.

7 General ATS Knowledge

The how-to’s describe how to create custom actions, but they do not describe every step. If the how-to says to add an action, you must add the action, but the how-to may not describe the whole process. Make sure you know the basics of ATS (for example, how to search for actions).

8 Custom Action Basics

The how-to’s don’t explain everything in detail. Simple things like adding an input parameter are not explained. Make sure you have completed the Custom Action Basics how-to.

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