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1 Introduction to the App Store

The Mendix Modeler has a lot of out-of-the-box functionalities and widgets such as data grids and snippets. However, if you want to extend your application with more widgets and modules (for example, the Forgot Password module), simple charts, an Excel importer, and other features, you need to add content from the Mendix App Store. The App Store contains many useful and reusable widgets and modules created by Mendix as well as by our partners and customers.

Mendix delivers a robust platform for the rapid development of apps. To make your development move even more quickly, you can use App Store content. You can download content items from the Mendix App Store, and you can also upload items you have developed to share it with the Community. In this way, the App Store helps the entire Mendix Community.

2 App Store Integration with Community Profile

The App Store is completely integrated with the Community Profile, so you can find out information about who developed the item you are downloading. You can see the Developer Info on the information page for each App Store item, which presents the name, job title, and Mendix level of the developer; the numbers of added items, updated items, and reviews added; and the company for which they work. Clicking on the developer name will bring you to his or her Community Profile.

In addition, you get Mendix points for downloading, uploading, and reviewing App Store content! For more information, see the App Store section of How Does One Get These Rewards?.

3 App Store Versions

3.1 Private and Public App Store

Mendix offers a private App Store and a public App Store.

The private App Store has content that can be reused only within a company, which can help to speed up the development process for all the company teams. Access rights are restricted on the company level. In this way, you can protect intellectual property and content that may be of interest only to you.

The public App Store is open to all Mendix Community developers.

3.2 Online and Desktop Modeler App Store

The web version of the App Store has a lot of advanced options available. However, if you download content from here, you will then have to separately upload it into your project. For more information, see How to Import and Export Objects.

The Desktop Modeler App Store is a more basic implementation that is suitable for doing the most important things with the content. It should be considered as an extension of the web version of the App Store rather than as a replacement. For more information, see How to Use App Store Content in the Desktop Modeler.

The Mendix best practice is to use the web version of the App Store to browse all of the content, access the App Store that has been integrated into the Desktop Modeler, find the content there, and download it straight into the Desktop Modeler.

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