App Store Content Support

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1 App Store Content Support

Support for App Store content is determined by the content support category and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) the user posesses. We distinguish the following content support categories:

Support Category Description
Mendix Platform Mendix supports all the content in this category when you are equipped with an SLA (platform, gold, or platinum) with Mendix. Content in this category is proactively incorporated into R&D test cycles as part of our platform release management. Please note that this category replaces the former Extended category, which has been deprecated.
Community Content is provided as-is by members of our Community and support depends on the availability and effort of the owner.

2 Support Category and Feedback Process

We’re always curious about and grateful for your feedback. The way you communicate your feedback to us depends on the support category of the content.

2.1 Mendix Platform Category

The applicable level of service for Mendix-supported App Store content is equal to the Mendix SLA you have acquired. In other words, the same SLA conditions apply for support on App Store content.

This means that equal response and resolve times are applicable, and the standard support process using the Mendix Support Portal has to be followed.

2.2 Community Category

Support on content in this category is up to the user or organization providing the content. We recommend contacting the owner of the content in case of questions or issues via the following methods:

  • Open an an issue on the GitHub repository associated with the content (if available)
  • Contact the owner of the content via the contact details available on the content item’s detail page in the App Store
  • Ask for help on the Mendix Forum

The level of support depends on the availability and effort of the developer and/or the Mendix Community.

2.3 Support Category and Feedback Process Table

Support Category Gold/Platinum SLA Platform SLA No SLA
Mendix Platform content Mendix Support Mendix Support Mendix Community
Community content Mendix Community Mendix Community Mendix Community