Security constraints in the Mendix Cloud

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To ensure our and your safety, there are stringent security policies in the standard cloud. Although these might seem limiting at first, we have thought a great deal about possible use cases and provide workarounds as much as possible. The constraints can be divided into a number of sections:

Java security

There is a java security policy in place on all Mendix runtimes. These check specific possibly dangerous operating system calls. Specifics can be found here: Java in the Cloud. If you receive an “AccessControllerException” anywhere in your logs, you are either doing something that’s prohibited in the cloud or something that you need to ask permission to do. You can file a ticket for this.


All incoming traffic to the Mendix Cloud is routed through one front-facing webserver. This means that we cannot provide you with a specific IP address where your application will run; this address might change in the future so we can’t guarantee that any of your firewall rules that you might want to implement will keep on working.

Access to the database.

The standard cloud only offers the Mendix Runtime as your API. Databases can of course be backed up and restored using the Platform Portal, but you can’t gain direct access to the database.

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