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1 Introduction

Mendix Studio Pro contains a lot of out-of-the-box widgets such as data grids and snippets. However, if you want to extend your application with more widgets and modules (for example, the Forgot Password module), simple charts, an Excel importer, and other features, you need to add content from the Mendix App Store. The App Store contains many useful and reusable widgets and modules created by Mendix as well as by our partners and community.

Mendix delivers a robust platform for the rapid development of apps. To make your development move even more quickly, you can use content from the App Store. In addition to downloading content from the App Store, you can upload items you have developed to share and help the whole Mendix community.

2 Main Documents in This Category

  • App Store Overview – presents an overview of all the details included with the content in the Mendix App Store
  • Use App Store Content – describes how to download and install content from the App Store via Studio Pro
  • Share App Store Content – shows you how to add new content to share in the Mendix App Store as well as edit existing content
  • App Store Content Support – presents the different levels of Mendix support for App Store content