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1 Introduction

The Apps menu item shows you a summary of your apps and, additionally, allows you to see all the apps for your company and all the licensed nodes to which you have access.

You get to the apps list by clicking Apps in the top menu bar of the Developer Portal and choosing between the following options:

Page menu with My Apps, My Company's Apps, Nodes

The sections below describe these options:

For details on the Cluster Manager option, see Creating a Private Cloud Cluster.

2 My Apps

You will see all the apps of which you are an App Team member:

Apps tiles

Click an app tile to see the app Buzz.

2.1 Sorting the View

Using the drop-down menu, you can choose to sort the apps in the following ways:

  • Most Recent first
  • Alphabetical order of App Name

2.2 Selecting Actions

By clicking the ellipsis () in the app tile, you can quickly perform a number of actions:

Quick actions menu for an app

The actions available depend on the app selected:

  • Edit in Mendix Studio
  • Edit in Mendix Studio Pro
  • Delete App – allows you to delete your app, provided you are the only team member (you will be warned of the consequences and asked for confirmation before the app is deleted)

2.3 Go to Environments

To go to the environments of your app, click the cloud icon in the bottom-right corner of the app tile.

2.4 Favoriting an App

To favorite an app, click the star so that it turns yellow in the top-left corner of the app’s tile:

To see all your favorite apps, click the star toggle to the right of the view drop-down menu:

3 My Company’s Apps

On the My Company’s Apps page, you will see all the apps created by members of your company:

Apps for my company

You cannot change the sort order of your apps.

If you click an app for which you are a team member, you will be taken to the app Buzz.

If you click an app for which you are not an App Team member, you will see the app details:

Example of app details

4 Nodes

This shows a list of all the licensed Mendix Cloud nodes to which you have access:

Licensed Mendix Cloud nodes

Clicking the Details button will take you to the Environments page for the app that is deployed to this node.