1 Introduction

The Collaborate category supports collaboration with your team and the tracking of the sprints and other tasks of the app. This category is divided into five pages:

  • (App) Buzz
  • Team
  • Stories
  • Feedback (about your app)
  • Documents

2 Buzz

The Buzz lets you see and share ideas as well as collaborate with your team. You will get an overview of new team members, new stories and their changes, and added or completed sprints.

3 Team

The Team page shows an overview of your team members. It’s also the place to Invite Members and Manage your team.

Click Name or Role to filter in an ascending or descending order. The default sorting order is ascending by Name.

4 Stories

The Stories page lets you add, edit, and delete stories, sprints, and labels. You can also import and export from and to Excel and view the history.

5 Feedback

The Feedback pages shows an overview of the feedback provided about the app. There are two ways of submitting feedback:

  1. Add feedback on the Feedback page in the Developer Portal.
  2. Add feedback by going to the app. To go to the app, click View App.
The **Feedback button** in the **Developer Portal** is is used to provide feedback on the Mendix Platform. It is intended for low priority issues, questions, and ideas on how to improve the Mendix Platform.

6 Documents

The Documents pages lets you upload files related to the app. It is possible to replace a current file with a newer version, add labels, comment, and download files.