Collaboration Tools

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1 Introduction

The Developer Portal supports collaboration with your team and the tracking of Sprints and other tasks in your app projects.

The documentation within the Collaboration Tools category covers the following collaboration tools:

2 Buzz

Buzz lets you see and share ideas as well as discuss and collaborate with your team. You will get an overview of new team members, new stories and their changes, and Sprints which are added or completed.

For details, see Buzz.

3 Team

The Team page shows an overview of your App Team members. It is also where you can invite new members and manage your team.

For details, see App Team.

4 Stories

The Stories page lets you add, edit, and delete stories and Sprints. You can also import stories from, and export them to, Excel, and view story history.

For details, see Stories.

5 Documents

The Documents page lets you upload and download files related to the app project. You can also add labels and comments related to the files.

For details, see Documents.