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1 Introduction

The Planning page of the Developer Portal provides an overview of the progression of the stories for the app.

This page has three tabs, which are described below.

2 Sprint Status

On this tab, there is a Kanban overview of the stories in the current Sprint.

There is also a percentage bar of the stories that are done and the deadline date of the current Sprint:

You can click Mark current sprint as completed only when all stories have the Done status.

When you click Details for a story, you will be taken to the Story Details page.

3 Burndown Chart

This tab graphically presents the progress of the current Sprint:

  • Ideal Burndown – the expected progress if the Sprint is completed at a consistent rate
  • Remaining Effort – the amount of story points that still have to be completed
  • New Stories – the amount of new story points added on a specific day

Under Sprint History, you can view burndown charts for completed sprints.

4 Release Plan Tab

Under this tab, you will get an overview of all the springs.

Click Edit to make changes in a specific Sprint or release (for example, to change the name, date, or duration of the Sprint).

Click Plan Something to plan a Sprint, Release, or Other.

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