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1 Introduction

On the Documents page, you can upload app project files and replace existing files with newer versions.

2 Actions

You can perform the actions described below via the buttons that are available about your app project’s documents.

2.1 Uploading a File

Click Upload a file to upload a new document:

2.2 Using Labels

To add a label to a document or create a new label, use the options under Label:

2.3 Downloading a Document

To download an available document, select the document and click Download.

2.4 File Details

Click Details to see the description of the file, comments, and all the versions of the file:

Under Details, you can perform the following actions:

  • Download the document
  • Upload a new version of the document
  • Delete the document

2.5 New Version

To upload a new version of a document, select the document and click New version.

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