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1 Introduction

Within Mendix, there are two use-cases for the Feedback widget:

  • To provide feedback on the Mendix Platform
  • To provide feedback on your own app

In the Developer Portal, you can view and manage the feedback that is provided on your app by clicking Feedback in the Collaborate category.

You can divide the feedback into the following four stages:

Stage Description
Open The feedback is awaiting for response from the App Team.
Handled The App Team has looked into the feedback and has respond for further information.
Accepted The App Team has accepted the feedback and added this feedback as a story to the sprint.
Closed The App Team has closed the feedback.

The feedback types are:

Type Description
Idea The feedback is an idea for a change or new feature.
Question The feedback is a question.
Issue The feedback is an issue or a bug.

1.1 Actions

You can click the following buttons:

Action Description
Add feedback This will add new feedback on your app.
Export to Excel This will export feedback items into an .xls file (you can filter on date, label, status, and type).

1.2 Filters

When you click Show filter, you can filter on the following:

  • Idea - this will show all the ideas
  • Question - this will show all the questions
  • Issue - this will show all the issues

2 Feedback Details

Click Details for more information about this particular feedback item. On the detail page, click the plus sign (+) to see the following:

  • Feedback number
  • Active userroles
  • Active form
  • Screen size
  • Browser
  • Application location
  • Submission date

On this page, you can also Turn email updates on/off.

When you click Post a comment, you can add files within a comment.

2.1 Actions

You can manage the feedback item with the following actions:

Action Description
Accept feedback Means this feedback is valid and that you want to add a story to your backlog on the basis of this item.
Mark ‘Under review’ Notifies the user who submitted the feedback and your team that the item is under review.
Mark as handled Changes the status of the item from open to handled so that the item will not pollute your open items list.
Close feedback Closes the feedback (for example, when the item is already solved or a duplicate has already been accepted).

2.2 Convert

If the feedback type is not correct, you can convert it afterwards by selecting one of these options:

Convert type Description
Convert to idea Changes the feedback type to an idea.
Convert to question Changes the feedback type to a question.
Convert to issue Changes the feedback type to an issue.

2.3 Move to App

This option allows you to move a particular feedback item to another app.

You are only allowed to move a feedback item to an app in which you are already a team-member.

2.4 Delete

When clicking Delete feedback, be sure that you want to delete that feedback item, because this will remove all the associated messages as well.

This action cannot be undone.