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1 Introduction

In Stories, you are able to manage sprints, stories, and labels.

For more information, see How to Manage Sprints and Stories.

2 Actions

Above the stories, you can find the following action buttons:

  • New story – add a new story
  • New sprint – add a new sprint
  • Move to – move the selected story to a different sprint
  • Label – use existing labels or create a new label for the selected story
  • More
    • Delete selection – delete the selected story
    • Complete current sprint – complete the current sprint; all stories have to be Done before completing the current sprint
    • Import / Export – import/export to Excel
    • Manage labels – rename, merge, or delete a label
    • Manage story template – create and edit default tasks that you can add as a task to every new story
    • History – show the details of a story and/or revert changes

2.1 New Story

To create a new story , you must first select the correct Sprint and provide the following information:

  • The title of the story
  • Story type
    • Feature
    • Bug
  • The number of Story points
  • Add Labels or use existing labels
  • A Description of the story
  • Add default tasks based on story template (if necessary)
    • The default tasks created in the Story template will automatically appear as sub-tasks in this story

2.2 New Sprint

In this section, you are able to plan the following:

  • Sprint
    • Name
    • The order of the sprint
    • The Duration of the sprint
    • The start date of the sprint
  • Release
    • Name
    • Date
    • Description
  • Other
    • Name
    • Date
    • Description
    • Who is responsible?

2.3 Import / Export to Excel

The export options are the following:

  • Export all stories to Excel (including completed sprints)
  • Export all stories to Excel
  • Export single sprint to Excel
  • Update stories from Excel

3 Filter

It is possible to filter on the following:

  • Sprints
    • Archived
    • Current
    • Upcoming
    • Backlog
  • Story
    • Done
    • Feature
    • Bug