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1 Introduction

To invite team members to an app as well as to view and manage an app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Developer Portal.
  2. Click Apps in the top navigation panel and select the app you want to manage.
  3. Click Team under the Collaborate category.

2 Team

On the Team page, you will see an overview with the following information about the team members:

  • Name
  • Role

2.1 Managing the Team

When you click Manage Team, you will be forwarded to the Security page of the Settings category. On that page, you can change the Role of the team members and edit the Role settings.

2.2 Inviting Members

2.2.1 App Invitation Guide

On this page, you can enter the email addresses of all the co-workers you want to invite to your app. It is possible to paste a list of email addresses as well.

The parts of the app that can be accessed by the invitees will be based on the role you select for each invitee.

2.2.2 Who Will Join My Company?

In this section, invitees with the listed email domains will be automatically added to your company. All others will only be granted access to this specific app.

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