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1 Introduction

You can go to the Mendix Community Hub for all the information you need as a member of the Mendix community. Each section of the site represents a community tool that is continuously updated with new content and exciting developments. In addition, the content on the site is not only created for Mendix community developers, it is created by Mendix community developers.

2 Main Documents in This Category

  • [Mendix Profile] – describes your Mendix user profile, which your main point of contact with members of the Mendix community
  • Set Up Your Partner Profile – shows you how to set up the Mendix Partner Profile for your company
  • Forum – describes how to use the Mendix Forum and the Mendix Idea Forum to ask questions, search for answers, and post ideas
  • Contribute to the Documentation – shows you how to edit and write new documentation to help the Mendix community
  • MVP Program – describes how Mendix MVPs are selected and what the benefits are to being an MVP
  • Jobs Board – explains how to post and find Mendix-related jobs