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1 Introduction

There are three tabs on the Company page with settings to manage:

2 Company Profile Tab

You can edit various company details on the Company Profile tab, such as Company name, Contact person, and Logo.

3 Company Admins Tab

On the Company Admins tab, you can add, edit, or remove a Company Admin:

You can set the permissions here for each Company Admin. For more information, see How to Manage Company & App Roles.

4 Company Settings Tab

On the Company Settings tab, you can change the password expiration settings (number of days). To do this, set the password expiration (in days) and click Save. Note that a value of zero or lower indicates that passwords never expire.

You can also view the company email domains. This is important for verifying the domains of Mendix users assigned to your company. If the domain list contains incorrect domains or does not contain some of your company’s email domains, contact Mendix Support.

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