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1 Introduction

There are three tabs on the Users page with settings to manage:

2 Users Tab

On the Users tab, you can view, deactivate, and activate users.

You can also create reports about your company’s users by clicking Create Report, view the apps of a user by clicking Show Apps, and reset a user’s password by clicking Reset Password.

2.1 Deactivating Users

For security reasons, deactivating the Mendix profile of an employee that is leaving your company is recommended. If the employee returns to your company, the Mendix profile can be activated again.

Before deactivating a user, make sure the following points are true for that user:

  • They do not have a Company Contact, App Contact, or Technical Contact role
  • They are not the only Scrum Master in an App Team
  • They are not involved in unsolved support tickets with Mendix Support

For more information, see How to Manage Company & App Roles and Company & App Roles.

To deactivate a user, follow these steps:

  1. Select the check box for the user(s) you want to deactivate, then click Activate / Deactivate user.:

  2. In the pop-up window that appears, confirm your decision by clicking Deactivate member(s):

The deactivated user will become inactive and will immediately disappear from the list of users on this tab. If you click Filter and select Inactive, you will see the deactivated users.

2.2 Activating Users

To activate an inactive user, follow these steps:

  1. Click Filter and select Inactive to see the list of company users extended with inactive (deactivated) users:

  2. Select the inactive user and click Activate / Deactivate user.

  3. In the pop-up window that appears, click Activate accounts.

2.3 Creating a Report

Click Create Report to create a report about users active in your company. These are users who are either members of the company or members of an app owned by the company.

You have the following report options:

  • Export users – this report will return a list of users who are active in your company and your company’s apps, including external users that are part of your company’s App Teams
  • Export permissions – this report will return a list of permissions for users active in your company’s apps

You can export these reports by clicking Export to Excel. Note that the exports will contain further details in addition to those shown on the screen.

3 Security Groups Tab

This tab lists the security groups defined for your company. Users who are assigned to security groups are automatically granted access to specified apps.

You can perform the following actions on this tab:

  • Add and Remove security groups
  • Click Details to edit a security group and do the following:

    • Under Users, you can Add users to and Remove users from the group

    • Under Access To, you can up the security group’s access to specific apps (via the Add and Remove buttons)
      • Members of this security group will be granted access to these apps automatically
      • It is only possible to create access policies for licensed apps
      • Under Select Environment, you can select a specific node environment for the app
      • Under Select Role(s), you can select specific user roles for the app

4 Security History Tab

On this tab, you can view all the changes made in the company, such as Password reset requested and Account activated.

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