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1 Introduction

A company admin can manage the following items in the Users category:

  • Users
  • Security Groups
  • Security History

2 Users

A company admin can perform the following actions on the Users tab:

  • View all company users
  • Activate/deactivate users
  • View active/inactive users
  • Create report

For more information, see How to Deactivate and Activate Users.

2.1 Create Report

You can create reports about users active in your company (either by being a member of the company or a member of an app owned by the company). You will be presented with the following options:

  • Export Users – this report will return a list of users who are active in your company
  • Export Permissions – this report will return a list of permissions for users active in your company’s apps

You can export these reports by clicking Export to Excel. Note that the exports will contain further details in addition to those shown on the screen.

3 Security Groups

This tab lists the security groups that are defined for your company. Users who are assigned to security groups will automatically be granted access to specified AppCloud apps. Company admins can set up security groups and specific app permissions for security groups.

A company admin can perform the following actions on the Security Groups tab:

  • Add/remove security groups
  • Set up a security group by clicking Details for a group, where you can do the following:
    • Add a member by clicking Add
    • Set up the access of a security group to apps by going to Access To
      • Members of this security group will be granted access to these apps automatically
      • Note that it is only possible to create policies for licensed, AppCloud-enabled apps
      • It is possible to select specific node evironments and user roles

4 Security History

A company admin can view all the changes made in the company on the Security History tab.