Data Hub Administration

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1 Introduction

In the Data Hub page of Control Center, you can perform the following operations:

  • Assign and manage Data Hub Curators
  • Invite and manage custom Owners (who have already been added as business or technical owners in the Data Hub Catalog)
  • Invite and manage External Users
  • Control the default discoverability settings of your company’s data source Settings

2 Curators

A Mendix Admin sees the Curators tab displaying the list of Data Hub Curators for the organization:

Data Hub Curators

The Data Hub Curator role can see and edit metadata for all registered assets in the Data Hub Catalog. Business and Technical Owners can edit metadata on the items they own, but not those that they do not own.

To assign a Curator role to a Mendix user, click Add Curator. To search the list of Mendix users in your organization, start typing in the search box and check the user(s) you want to assign the Curator role to.

If you want to remove the curator rights for a user, check the box next to the user and click Remove Curator.

3 Owners

Custom owners are owners that have been added as contacts for a registered app. They may be added during the app curation, or they may have been specified during app registration. For more information, see the Adding a Custom Owner section of How to Curate Registered Assets.

Custom owners are only the contact people for registered assets. Adding a custom owner does not give them access rights to the Data Hub Catalog, as they are not able to log in to the Mendix Platform and curate registered assets in the Catalog. Custom owners appear in the Catalog with their name and initials, or with their personalized avatar if they are a Mendix user.

Mendix Admins and Data Hub Curators can manage the custom owner list on the Owners tab:


On this tab, you can do the following:

  • Add Owner – add new owners by filling in their name and email address; new owners will be listed as the business or technical owner for registered assets
  • Edit – edit the details of listed owners (hover over the row to see the actions)
  • Delete – delete names from the list
    • Note that if a custom owner is removed from the list, they will also be removed from any registered assets where they were set as the owner, which means that the asset will not have a contact

4 External Users

Mendix Admins can invite and manage external users on the External Users tab. An external user is a user from outside of your organization who can search for published data sources and use them in apps. External users cannot register or curate content unless they are an owner of the data source.

External users

To invite a new user, on the Data Hub screen, click Invite External Users. In the dialog box, enter the email addresses of the users you would like to invite as external users and click Send Invitation.

Once the external user receives the invitation, they log into the Data Hub Catalog with their Mendix credentials and accept. An external user can only access resources from one organization at a time; therefore, they need to select the company that sent the invitation in the Company drop-down list in the Data Hub Home page:

Company selector

5 Settings

Mendix Admins can change the default discoverability status of the published data sources of the company. When OData resources are published, the discoverable status defaults to the value set here.

The default value of this setting is On: