App Services

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1 Introduction

The App Services page provides an overview of possible resources that can be published to the Mendix Marketplace:

  • App Service
  • Application
  • Widget

2 App Service

App services are aimed at sharing functionality between your Mendix apps. You can create app services in Mendix Studio Pro and publish the created app content and functionality within your company or to the entire Mendix community. Users of your app service can directly drag actions that you designed into their microflows in Studio Pro and use your entities and data in their apps.

On the App Service page, you can see a list of the available app services, with whom the app service is shared, and what the current statuses are.

For more information, see Published App Services in the Studio Pro Guide.

2.1 Settings

In General Settings you can manage the following:

  • App service info
  • Documentation
  • Screenshots

On the right side of the screen, you can choose with whom you want to Share this App Service:

  • Nobody
  • My company
  • Mendix community

Saving your settings will update your app service’s listing in the Mendix Marketplace. Note that publishing to the Mendix Marketplace is subject to an approval process. However, your app service will be available for your colleagues while it is awaiting approval.

2.1.1 App Service Info

In this tab, you can manage the following:

  • General
    • Edit the Name of the app service that will be published
    • View the original Studio Pro name of the app service
    • Add or edit a Description of the app service
    • Add or edit tags
  • Avatar
    • Add or edit the app service avatar – this small avatar will represent your app service in grids
    • Add or edit the Marketplace avatar – this big avatar will showcase your app service in the Mendix Marketplace

2.1.2 Documentation

In this tab, you can perform the following actions:

  • Write the Release notes that are aimed at describing the changes between the two versions
  • View the Documentation that is defined in Studio Pro during the creation of the app service
  • View the Service calls that are used in the app service

2.1.3 Screenshots

In this tab, you can add screenshots of the app service to illustrate its functionality.

2.2 Consumers

On this page, you can review the environments of which applications are currently consuming this app service.

3 Application

By selecting Application, you can publish the application’s model in the Mendix Marketplace.

Click Go to Marketplace to publish your app’s model.

For more information, see How to Share Marketplace Content.

4 Widget

By selecting Widget, you can upload a widget to the Mendix Marketplace.

Click Go to Marketplace to upload your widget.

For more information, see How to Share Marketplace Content.

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