Cloud Version and Region in the Mendix Cloud

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1 Introduction

Sometimes you need to know which Mendix Cloud version your environment is running in, as there are differences in the feature sets of the deprecated Mendix Cloud v3 and v4. This document shows you how to find the Mendix Cloud version and region of your app.

2 Mendix Cloud Region and Version

To view the Mendix Cloud region and version in which your app is hosted, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Developer Portal.

  2. Open the Environments page for your app.

  3. Click Details for the desired environment.

  4. Next to Region, you will see the region of the data center where your app is hosted.

  5. Next to Mendix Cloud Version, you will see which version of Mendix Cloud the app is deployed to: Mendix Cloud v3 or Mendix Cloud v4.

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