1 Introduction

When you click Model in the Develop category of the Developer Portal, you will have two options to open your model:

  • Open the App model in the Desktop Modeler
  • Open the App model in the Web Modeler

2 Desktop Modeler

Use our powerful Desktop Modeler to rapidly build enterprise-ready business apps. Visually model your app’s UI, logic for your business rules, the domain model and integrations with REST & other complex back-end services.

If you click Edit in Desktop Modeler, the App will be opened in the Desktop Modeler.

2.1 Help me get started

If you need help getting started with the Desktop Modeler, click Help me get started. Here it is quickly explained how to start building your new App with the following steps:

  1. Download the Mendix Desktop Modeler by clicking on the Download button above.
  2. Install the Desktop Modeler on your system. It will start automatically after installation.
  3. Edit your new app by choosing it from the list of recent apps in the Desktop Modeler.

At the bottom of the page there is a category What’s next, with the following options:

  • Show me the basics will forward you to the online courses
  • I’ve got a question will forward you to the Mendix Forum or Documentation
  • I’m ready to get serious will forward you to the introduction course

3 Web Modeler

Quickly get started building your next smart app with the Web Modeler from the convenience of your web browser. Bootstrap your app with visual UI, business rules and domain model editors. Integrate with back-end services through ready-made connectors.

If you click Edit in Web Modeler, the App will be opened in the Web Modeler. This option is going to be available soon.