App Modeling Environments

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1 Introduction

On the Model page of the Developer Portal, you have options for opening up your app project in Mendix Studio or Mendix Studio Pro:

2 Mendix Studio Pro

In Studio Pro, you can visually model your app’s domain model, UI, logic, and integrations with third-party services and back-end systems. Use the power of Studio Pro to rapidly build enterprise-ready apps.

Click Edit in Studio Pro to open your app project in Studio Pro.

2.1 Getting Started

If you need some help with Studio Pro, click Help me get started. A page will open with steps to to start developing your new app:

  1. Download the latest version of Mendix Studio Pro by clicking Download latest Studio Pro.
  2. Install Studio Pro on your computer. It will automatically start after the installation is completed.
  3. Edit your new app by selecting it from the list of Recent Apps on the My Apps page in Studio Pro.

The What’s next? section at the bottom of the page presents the following options:

  • Show me the basics includes a link to a basic learning path in the Mendix Academy, where you will learn some fundamental information about how to model with Mendix
  • I’ve got a question includes links to the Mendix Forum and the Mendix Documentation, where you can browse information, search for specific details, and ask questions of the Mendix community
  • I’m ready to get serious includes a link to a more comprehensive learning path, which will teach you how to create apps and prepare you to get certified as a Mendix Rapid Developer

3 Mendix Studio

With Studio, you can design beautiful apps by leveraging the integrated Atlas UI in the WYSIWYG page editor. You can visually add your app’s domain model and business logic, all from the convenience of your web browser.

Click Edit in Studio to open the app in Studio. Note that this is for Atlas UI-based apps only. If you need to enable Studio for your app project, click Enable Studio in Settings, which will take you to the General Settings page of your app project to do this.

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