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1 Introduction

The Planning page provides an overview of the progression of the Stories in the Collaborate category. This page has three tabs, which are described below.

2 Sprint Status Tab

Under this tab, there is a Kanban overview of the Stories in the current sprint. You can change the story status to the following:

  • To-do
  • Running
  • Done

There is also a percentage bar of the stories that are done and the deadline date of the current sprint. You can mark the current sprint as completed only when all stories have the Done status.

3 Burndown Chart Tab

This tab graphically shows the progress of the current sprint:

  • Ideal Burndown – shows the expected progress if the sprint is completed at a consistent rate
  • Remaining Effort – shows the amount of story points that still have to be completed
  • New Stories – shows the amount of new story points added on a specific day

Under Sprint History, you can view the burndown charts of the completed sprints.

4 Release Plan Tab

Under this tab, you will get an overview of all the sprints. You can edit the sprints and click Plan Something to plan the following:

  • Sprint
  • Release
  • Other

You can click Edit to make changes in a specific sprint/release (for example, to rename, change the date, or the duration of the sprint).