Team Server Overview

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1 Introduction

Written on top of Subversion and delivered via the Developer Portal, Mendix Team Server is designed to make the life of a Mendix developer easier. Mendix Studio Pro and Studio are tightly integrated with Team Server, and actions like creating a new app project (including a versioned model repository), updating an app project, committing changes, and merging model versions are all available from within Mendix Studio Pro as single-click actions.

You can manage Team Server access from the Developer Portal, which allows you to combine requirements, implementation, and feedback. When you commit your app model changes to Team Server from within Studio Pro, you can select the user stories (reflecting the requirements) that you have been working on. Team Server automatically creates links between these user stories and the model changes you made, providing you with a way to navigate from commits to the associated requirements. Furthermore, the Mendix Platform creates links between feedback, forms, changesets, and user stories.

Team Server also connects the capture-and-develop phase of the Agile application lifecycle. When you start working on the next version of your application, you just open Studio Pro to see the user stories planned for the current Sprint and start working on them. If a user story is based on user feedback, you can directly jump to the form mentioned in the metadata of the feedback and start implementing the requested change.

On the Team Server page of the Developer Portal, an overview is presented of the changes and revisions made to the app project in Mendix Studio Pro:

2 Team Server URL

The Team Server URL has the following form:<your AppID>/ and takes you to the team server for your app. Here you can see all the files and branches of your app.

3 Revision History

For each revision, you can see the following information:

  • The message in the revision commit
  • The date of the revision commit
  • The name of the App Team member who committed the revision
  • The branch to which the revision was committed
  • The Mendix Studio Pro version used
  • The revision number

You can also access the revision history in Studio Pro. For more information, see the History section in Using Version Control in Studio Pro.

4 Revision Details

When you click Details for a revision, you can see the stories related to that revision:

Related stories will only appear if you select them in the Commit dialog box of Mendix Studio Pro when committing:

5 Team Server FAQ

5.1 How Much Storage Space Is Provided with Team Server?

Storage space is unlimited for app projects connected to a commercial license. 1 GB of free storage is provided for your company account for app projects not (yet) connected to a commercial license.

5.2 What Happens with My Valuable & Confidential Data?

Mendix adheres to strict security standards and considers you the sole owner of your data. Only Mendix Cloud Infrastructure Engineers can access data and will only do so for trouble shooting. Your data is backed up for one year, and the backups are retained for one year after project deletion. You can get a backup of your data at any time by using default Subversion tools, or, if your project was deleted, by filing a Mendix Support ticket.

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