Team Server Overview

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1 Introduction

On the Team Server page of the Developer Portal, an overview is presented of the changes and revisions made to the app project in Mendix Studio Pro:

2 Team Server URL

The Team Server URL has the following form:<your AppID>/ and takes you to the team server for your app. Here you can see all the files and branches of your app.

3 Revision Summary

For each revision, you can see the following information:

  • The message in the revision commit
  • The date of the revision commit
  • The name of the App Team member who committed the revision
  • The branch to which the revision was committed
  • The Mendix Studio Pro version used
  • The revision number

4 Revision Details

When you click Details for a revision, you can see the stories related to that revision:

Related stories will only appear if you select them in the Commit dialog box of Mendix Studio Pro when committing:

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