Link a Different App to a Cloud Node

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1 Introduction

This how-to describes linking a different app to your licensed cloud node so that you can deploy a different app.

This how-to will teach you how to do the following:

  • Link a different app to your node which already has a linked an app
  • Exchange apps between two nodes

2 Prerequisites

Before you can start with this how-to, please make sure you have completed the following prerequisites.

In case you have created an app in the Mendix Modeler, you can upload it to the Team Server (see Upload To Version Control Dialog) and a repository will be created automatically.

  • Make sure no Sandbox is linked to your app. (Every Team Server app is linked to a Sandbox automatically). Read this how-to to learn unlink your Sandbox from your app.

3 Linking a App to a Licensed Cloud Node

Read How to Deploy to the Mendix Cloud to learn how to link an app to a cloud node.

4 Linking a Different App to the Node

  1. In the Developer Portal, go to Apps and select the app you want to link to the node.
  2. Once you are in the app, go to the ‘Environments’ tab in the left navigation panel.
  3. Click Select Node.
  4. Select the correct node by clicking Use this Node and link it to your app. The current linked app will be dislinked automatically.

5 Exchange Linked Apps Between Nodes

In case you want to exchange two apps with nodes who are already linked, you can create a new (third) app.

App A → Node 1 App B → Node 2 App C (new app)

For example, to be able to link App A to Node 2, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new empty app App C.
  2. Link App C this Node 1 (see 3.1 Method 1).
  3. Now that Node 1 is released from App A, it can be linked to Node 2 (see 3.2 Method 2).
  4. App B will no longer have a node. You can link App B to Node 1 by following 3.2 Method 2.