1 Introduction

The Settings category contains the following docs:

Note that you need to have an MxID to get access to the Developer Portal. To create an MxID, click here.

Follow these steps to find the Settings category:

  1. Go to the Developer Portal.
  2. Click Apps in the top navigation panel.
  3. Select the app you want to manage.
  4. Click Security in the left navigation panel.

2 General

The General page displays an overview of the app’s information:

  • App name
  • Description
  • AppID
  • App Contact
  • Technical Contact

There are two actions you can take:

  1. Edit the app by clicking Edit settings
  2. Leave the app by clicking Leave app

3 Security

In Security there are two tabs:

  • App Team Permissions
  • Node Permissions

3.1 App Team

The App Team page lets you view and delete the team members that are currently working on the app. Each member has a Role. You can change the role of each team member into:

  • Application Operator
  • Business Engineer
  • End-User
  • Performance Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • SCRUM Master

There are two actions you can take:

  • Change the Role Settings
  • View the Change log

3.2 Node Permissions

The Node Permissions page lets you view the team members that have the App Team permission to View Deploy and Monitor the node.

Note Node Permissions are only available for Licensed Apps.

You can grant those team members the following permissions:

  • Transport rights
  • Access to backup
  • Receive Alerts
  • API rights
  • Access to monitoring

4 API Keys

The API Keys page lists the existing API keys and lets you create new keys by clicking Create API key.