App Settings

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1 Introduction

The Settings category of menu items can be used to manage your app settings. Here, you can find basic app information and edit it. You can also manage your App Team and node permissions as well as create API keys.

This category will cover the settings below.

2 General

The General tab displays an overview of the app’s information: the name and description of the app, the App Contact and Technical Contact, whether Mendix Studio is enabled for the app, and the App ID.

It is also possible to leave and delete an app here as well as manage deep links.

For more information, see Manage General App Settings.

3 Security

In Security, there are two tabs with app and node permissions, as described below.

3.1 App Team

The App Team tab lets you view and delete the team members that are currently working on the app. Each member has a Role. You can change the role of each team member to the following:

  • Application Operator
  • Business Engineer
  • Guest
  • Performance Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master

For more information, see App Roles.

3.2 Node Permissions

The Node Permissions tab lets you view the team members that have the App Team permission to view, deploy, and monitor the node. A Technical Contact can grant those team members certain permissions.

For more information, see Node Permissions.

4 API Keys

The API Keys page lists the existing API keys and lets you create new keys by clicking Create API key.

For more information, see How to Manage App API Keys.

5 Main Documents in This Category

  • Manage General App Settings – describes the various actions you can perform to configure general settings for your app project
  • Manage App API Keys – explains what is included in the overview of API keys and how to create an API key