General Settings

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1 Introduction

In General there is an overview about the app:

  • App name
  • Description
  • AppID
  • App Contact
  • Technical Contact

There are two actions you can take:

  • Edit the app by clicking Edit settings
  • Leave the app by clicking Leave app

1.1 Edit Settings

When you click on Edit Settings you can edit the following things:

  • App Name
  • Description
  • App Contact
  • App logo

There are two actions you can take:

  • Deactivate the App by clicking Deactivate App
  • Delete the App by clicking Delete App

1.2 Leave App

If you click Leave App, you will be removed from the App. If you are the last member of this app and decide to leave as well, the app will be deactivated. For more information, see Three Ways to Leave Your App.

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