Use Local Notifications

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These step-by-step guides will teach you to build local notifications for native mobile applications. Local notifications will only allow you to schedule and send notifications confined to one mobile device. These notifications do not use an internet connection. One use of a local notification might be an alarm app which sends a notification after an amount of time has elapsed.

These how-to’s will teach you how to do the following:

  • Part 1: Local Notifications – Trigger native notifications from Mendix app’s microflow, configure your notification permissions, and test the notifications on a device
  • Part 2: Badges – Make your notifications leave badge indicators on your application’s icon
  • Part 3: Actions – Configure notifications to do an action after being tapped (in this case, show a page)
  • Part 4: Data – Enable notifications to pass data and bring a user to a page with specific parameters set
  • Part 5: Scheduling – Make notifications trigger at a certain time and cancel them