Build a Logistics IoT App

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1 Introduction

One of the critical issues facing manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, and customers across the supply chain is ensuring transported goods arrive at their target destination securely and ready to be used. While in transit, there are many factors that can adversely affect cargo, such as exposure to light, temperature increases and decreases, movement, and humidity.

Ensuring that the correct conditions are continually met while many different handlers and carriers are involved across a global supply chain can be challenging. In the Mendix Logistics IoT app, information about the environmental conditions provided by IoT sensors is presented to end-users.

The Mendix Logistics IoT app obtains and measures data from various sensors in individual cargo shipments on a ship. In the how-to scenario, a shipment of bananas needs to be monitored for the temperature inside the shipping container, and an alert needs to be sent whenever this temperature gets too high. The temperature sensor is connected to a cloud IoT platform (Amazon Web Services, or AWS), and its data is published via a channel that is called a topic. Subscribing to a topic makes it possible to use the data generated by the various sensor indicators in the app.

2 How to Build an IoT App Tutorial

The following how-to’s will guide you through the process of building and expanding the Mendix Logistics IoT app:

3 Next Step

Start the IoT app tutorial by checking out Step 1: Connect App Pages!