Build a Mobile To-Do App

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1 Introduction

This series of how-to’s will guide you in building a to-do app based on the new Mobile Quick Starter sample app. This sample app was introduced in Mendix 7.2 and helps you to quickly and easily build rich mobile apps with a native look and feel while following best practices.

The sample app is equiped with new widgets, preconfigured modules, best practices, and an example inspection module to kick start your mobile development by default.

2 Webinar Video

Check out the Kick-Starting Your Mobile App Development webinar video:


3 How to Build a Mobile To-Do App Tutorial

The following how-to’s will guide you through the process of building a Mendix mobile to-do app:

4 Next Step

Start the mobile to-do app tutorial by checking out Step 1: Create a New Project, Module, and Domain Model!