Build a Mobile To-Do App Step 1: Create a New Project, Module, and Domain Model

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1 Introduction

In this how-to, you will create and prepare a new project, module, and domain model. This is the first how-to in the series for creating a to-do app in 20 minutes using the Mendix Mobile Quick Starter app.

This how-to will teach you how to do the following:

  • Create a project that will speed up and simplify your mobile app development

2 Prerequisites

Before starting this how-to, make sure you have completed the following prerequisite:

3 Creating and Preparing a New Project

The basis for the to-do app is the Mobile Quick Starter App. Follow these steps to create a new app with the Mobile Quick Starter App:

  1. Open the Mendix Desktop Modeler and log in.
  2. Click New App.
  3. Go to the Tutorials tab.
  4. Click Build a Mobile ToDo app.
  5. Click Use this starting point >.
  6. Enter the app details and click Create app.
  7. Open the Security settings of your project.
  8. Switch the Securiy level to Off and click OK.

4 Creating a New Module

The development of your app stays comprehensible when its functionality is split into separate modules. Follow these steps to create a new module where you can add the to-do implementation of your app:

  1. Right-click your ProjectName in the Project Explorer.
  2. Click Add module and give it the name ToDo.

5 Creating the Domain Model

The domain model is a data model that describes the information in your application domain in an abstract way. The domain model for the to-do app will be pretty simple. It’ll contain one entity with three attributes. Follow these steps to create the entity and attributes:

  1. Open the Domain Model in the ToDo module.
  2. Add a new Entity to the Domain Model.
  3. Rename the entity to ToDo.
  4. Add the following three attributes:
    • Description (String)
    • DueDate (Date and time)
    • Completed (Boolean with default value False)

For the next step in this series, move on to How to Build a Mobile To-Do App Step 2: Create the Pages.

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