Mendix 4 How-to's

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Welcome to the Mendix 4 how-to section. Here you will find short step-by-step guides to help you with some of the more challenging aspects of the Mendix Framework. Should you be looking for in-depth descriptions of the various aspects of the Mendix technology, you can find these in the reference guide.

Project Settings

These articles help you configure settings that affect your entire project, as well as the navigation of your application.

Domain Model

The domain model is a central part of any application, as it defines both the entities the project uses and their interrelationships.


Microflows are the means with which you can express logic in your project. They allow you to perform a wide range of different activities, including creating and changing objects, opening forms and calling Java actions.


Integration with other applications is typically done using Web Services and XML. These articles will help you create XML mappings as well as expose or consume Web Services.

Java Programming

This article will explain how you can add Java actions to your project with the help of Eclipse.


With Mendix you can easily create your application in multiple languages. These articles will explain how.


This section describes various ways to increase the performance of your project.


Correctly setting up security is an important part of application development. These articles will help you set up security on both project and module level.


These articles will help you to configure the various resources you can add to your project.


Forms are used to build a user interface and display information to the user. These articles will explain how to build forms using the available widgets and use the reporting functionality.

Custom Widgets

Custom widgets allow you to add additional functionality and styling to your projects.


These articles will help you deploy your application to a Mendix Business Server.