Add and Configure Tab Pages

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This section describes how to add tab pages to a form and then configure them.


Add a tab container to your form. If you do not know how to add widgets to a form please refer to this article.

If you need additional tab pages, right-click on the tabs and choose ‘Add tabpage left’ or ‘Add tabpage right’

If you want to change the position of tabpages, right-click on the tabs and use the ‘Move tabpage left’ or ‘Move tabpage right’ commands.

Change the text on the tabpages by selecting them and then changing the ‘Caption’ property in the Properties window.

You can set a tabpage to be the default page (which is opened when opening the form) by changing the ‘Default page’ property to ‘True’ in the Properties window.

By default, tabpages will refresh when opened. You can change this behavior by setting the ‘Refresh on show’ to ‘False’.

After setting up the tab pages, add content to them using tables and content widgets.