Add Validation Feedback to Forms

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This section describes how to add validation feedback to your forms with the use of a microflow.


Create the form you want to add validation feedback to. If you do not know how to build forms, please refer to this article.

Create the microflow and add the activities to it, including the ‘Validation feedback’ activity. If you do not know how to add documents to your project, please refer to this article; if you do not know how to add activities to a microflow, please refer to this article.

In the above microflow, an ‘Order’ object is passed to the microflow. A ‘Retrieve’ action is used to return a list of the ‘Pizza’ objects associated with the ‘Order’, followed by an ‘Aggregate list’ action to count how many ‘Pizza’ objects the list contains. In the exclusive split a check is made if the number of pizzas ordered is equal to zero. If this is not the case, the order is committed to the database; if the number of pizzas ordered is zero validation feedback will be shown telling the customer to order at least one pizza.

Connect the microflow to a widget event. If you do not know how to do this, please refer to this article.

Open the microflow and double-click on the ‘Validation feedback’ activity to start configuring it.

Use the drop-down menus at ‘Variable’ and ‘Member’ to choose the attribute or association of a variable in the microflow for which you want to display validation feedback.

Note that if you want to add validation feedback for a reference selector or reference set selector, you need to choose the association these widgets edit as member.

You can enter the validation feedback message template with parameters in the ‘Template’ area.

You can enter parameters in the template with the use of braces; these will be filled in by the microflow when it generates the message.

You can add new parameters to the message using the ‘New’ button in the ‘Parameters’ area. Pressing this button will bring up a new window which lets you enter the microflow expression, of which the value will be inserted into the message at the parameter position.

If you have variables or attributes which are not strings, you can use the ‘toString’ expression to convert them.

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