Connect a Microflow to a Widget Event

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This section describes how to configure a microflow to trigger based on a widget event.


Select the widget to an event of which you want to connect a microflow.

Right-click on the widget, go to the ‘Events’ submenu and choose the ‘Select microflow…’ corresponding with the event you want to connect the microflow for. Additionally you can click the ‘…’ button next to the corresponding event in the Properties window.

In the menu that appears, select the microflow you want to connect.

You can change the settings for the connected microflow by right-clicking on the widget again, going to the ‘Event’ submenu and choosing ‘Edit microflow settings…‘. Alternatively you can click on the ‘…’ button next to ‘ settings’ in the Properties window.

In the menu that appears you can configure which objects should be passed to the microflow, if it should abort on validation errors, if a progress bar should be shown and if the client should wait for the microflow to finish.*