Send IDoc from Mendix to SAP

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This section explains how to extend your model in such a way that the deployed application can send an IDoc to SAP.


Before you execute this scenario, execute the scenario to receive IDocs from SAP. Then you can do the following:

In the Mx Client, modify (if you want) fields in the root segment, by double clicking a received IDoc and then modify the fields.

In the Mx Client select the IDoc, and click the button ‘microflow’

In SAP, go to program bd87 (by typing /nbd87 in the command prompt at the left top of the SAP GUI)

Click the execute button

Expand IDoc in inbound processing : Application document posted, double click e.g. CREMAS

Double click the IDoc number of the IDoc that you’ve received

Expand Data records, double click e.g. E1LFA1M

At the right of the screen you can see and scroll through the fields of the received IDoc