Show a Form Using a Microflow

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This section describes how to open a form and pass an object to it using a microflow.


Open the microflow, or if necessary create a new one. If you do not know how to add documents to your project, please refer to this article.

The microflow will have to pass an object to the form it opens, so make sure that this object is either created in the microflow, or passed to it.

Add a ‘Show form’ activity to the microflow. If you do not know how to add activities to a microflow please refer to this article.

Double-click on the ‘Show form’ activity to start configuring it.

Press the ‘Select’ button next to ‘Form’ and select the form you want the microflow to open in the menu that appears.

You can use the radio buttons at ‘Location’ to choose if you want the form to open in the content or as pop-up, and whether or not the pop-up should be blocking.

If you want the form to have a custom title, place a check mark next to ‘Override form title’ and enter the custom title.

Finally at ‘Form object’ use the drop-down menu to select the object you want to pass to the form.