Uploading Your Project

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Uploading Your Project

There are two ways of uploading your application to the cloud. The first is via your modeler: click the Cloud icon and the Modeler will create a Mendix Deployment Archive (mda) and automatically upload it for you to the cloud. Note that although you can upload from the Modeler, you will not be able to start your application.

If you get a message telling you that you don’t seem to have an environment in the cloud, please check the Cloud Portal. You might not have an environment (yet) or the environment might not be configured properly. By cliking “Application Details” followed by “Sprintr Project”, you can link your environment to your Sprintr project. This will allow the Cloud Portal to determine which project should hold the MDA when you upload directly from the Modeler.

You can also upload MDAs with your browser. MDAs can be created from the Modeler by clicking on “Project”, “Create deployment archive…” or by pressing F7. After that, surf to https://cloud.mendix.com. Click on “Application details”, “Deploy” and finally “Upload MDA”.

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