Data Models

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What is a Data Model?

The Mendix Data Model serves as a data abstraction layer and is one of the most powerful concepts of the Mendix framework. Both business and IT professionals can visually design high level entities and relationships, just like they appear in the real world.


  • Visual and intuitive drag & drop editor that hides unnecessary complexity from the user
  • Managing real-world entities and relationships instead of technical database models
  • Centrally manage any changes, regardless of the underlying systems

Technical features

  • Supports multiple databases including MS SQL Server 2005+, Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Refactor your data model with automatic change propagation for your database schema
  • Supports advanced object modeling: event management, inheritance and module structures

Now learn how to create a basic data layer, create pages and setup your data validation.

Creating a basic data layer
Setting up data validation
Denormalize Data to Improve Performance
Working with images and files
Working With Object Events